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Yonkers My Yonkers by Trygg Magelssen

Hello, and welcome friends, to the block of text that is this blog post. As I, Trygg Magelssen, play he, Horace Vandergelder of Yonkers New York, I have decided that in the spirit of the situation, I will share some engaging and fun factoids about the beautiful town our beloved Horace knows and loves. Economic facts, of course. For instance, employment in Yonkers has grown by over 0.769%, to a simply ravishing number of 96.8K employees, results Horace would be proud of. The median earnings of women workers this past year comes to $41,420, results to which Horace would shake his head and say it simply “takes a woman”. In other news, Yonkers domestic production has been starring a scandalous lineup, the top three earning industries being ‘Miscellaneous Materials and Supplies NEC.’, ‘Materials and Supplies for Machinery and Transportation Equipment Manufacturing’, and of course, ‘Mixed Freight’. These bad boys have been working hard for their town, contributing to New York’s domestic trade value of $818B. That’s a pretty large number I think, but I could not explain it to you as I have no concept of numbers that great, as I will never see that number, even in my entire lineage’s banking accounts put together. If together, you and I, went back in time to give Horace that $818B, he would have what we would call $26,895,840,000,000 in our time. What a happy guy he would be.

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