Student written show!!

Join the fight!  Newsies is a story of how the small rise up in the name of revolution, liberation, and equality.  This story takes place in New York – an epicenter of immigration – and is a story of empowerment, of fighting as a community for the rights of underserved, neglected, and oppressed people.  It is a story about being heard.  The American Dream comes to life in this story based on true events in our nation’s history.  Now is not a time to remain silent, but to shout out loud!  We can do as the newsies do, by joining together to tell the story, even if “The World” tells us we can’t.

How you can prepare for this production if you want to participate:

Techies! – Contact Mr. Roby to let him know if you are interested in being a student designer mentored by a theatre professional (Set, Props, Costumes, Makeup, Lighting, Sound, and Marketing).

Actors! – Consider taking an acrobatics or gymnastics class or two.  Perhaps do yoga online, work on your splits and flips.  Stretch EVERY DAY to improve your flexibility, do handstands and planks to improve strength and balance, and focus on your breathing while running to improve your endurance.

Fall Play 2020

Spring Musical 2021

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