Fall Play 2020

A student-written show about a sketch comedy troupe adapting to the pandemic. In the midst of the drama of their show's preview, somebody gets murdered! Set inside a video conference call, this interactive mystery is sure to make you laugh!

*Poster Design by Alexandra Lockwood*

Spring Production 2021

*Poster Design by Nirnkaar Khalsa*

What if life were a mixtape?
Nathan Hale Theatre presents our musical review “The Night of Your Life: The Mixtape” featuring songs from a wide range of musicals.
Celebrate the incredible talents of our Nathan Hale Theatre students in this high-energy production. Come witness the magic of their performances and be inspired, because when you’re with us, you realize we’re not among the stars….we ARE the stars.
Walk with us thru the journey of our lives experiencing all the wonderful changes each phase in life brings: childhood and its wonder and dreams, adolescence and its romance and identity exploration, adulthood and its commitments and path-finding, and old age and its reminiscence and fulfillment.
Transitions are part of life. So, join us as we flip the tape over and keep on listening.

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