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Nathan Hale's Thespian Troupe

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Who are Troupe #7645?


Troupe #7645 is Nathan Hale Theatre’s thespian troupe of the International Thespian Society. It is composed of students who have shown their dedication to Hale Theatre and their love for the theatrical arts. Our aim as always is to further our theatrical educations while fostering a collaborative, playful, passionate and fun community where everyone is welcome to create and be a part of something bigger than themself. 


How can I join Troupe #7645?


In order to join our thespian troupe you need to have 10 thespian points. How do you get thespian points? By doing theatre at Hale! Participating in shows, theatre classes, being involved in Hale’s drama department, acting, singing, dancing, writing, directing, tech-ing can all earn you thespian points. Once you have accrued 10 points, you will be invited to an induction ceremony at which you will earn a ribbon and a certificate and become an inducted thespian of the International Thespian Society and a part of Troupe #7645. 


To learn more about our thespian troupe and how to join, reach out to us via Instagram, email ( or using the contact tab on our website, or come to Drama Club, Fridays at lunch in the Black Box and talk to us in person. 

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