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Lifehacks to avoid snot by Lilly Hernandez

Hi everyone, Cinderella is my first production at Nathan Hale as a freshman and my first production is a technician. Either way, I'm pretty excited about this production and also a bit nervous due to my missing the first work party due to sickness. I was more bummed to miss the work party than have boogers dripping out of my nose every second. My point is that anyone in the theater production being sick is the equivalent of someone in a group project not doing work and having to take over their position, which is NOT fun. Here are some tips to avoid sickness during important dates:   


1: Wash your hands, especially after touching old materials (or sometimes things other people touch) 

2: Get your rest, theater can be tiring, and pulling those all-nighters kills you slowly.  

3: Eat well, I'm a lazy cook and a lazy lunch maker. I'll also eat protein bars all day (Luna Bars are the best) but you should eat your fruit and veggies. Carrots and oranges are so good trust me.  

4: Remember your flu shot, the best reward is the cute bandaids or snacks you get after. 


So either way, I hope everyone has fun in the production of Cinderella. Remember to try to stay as healthy as you can because it saves everyone time not just you! 

-Lilly Hernandez 

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