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Why Nathan Hale Theatre Is So Important by Benjamin Mayes

You can’t spell my story without most of mystery, which is to say that I don’t know where I’m going, but I know where I am. I am a sophomore at Nathan Hale, aka class of 2024 and I like to think I have some theatre experience. I’ve contributed in the most theater I can sense eighth grade starting as an actor for the spring musical, Help I’m Trapped in a Musical as the villain. In my freshman year, I was a writer for the fall play, Laughing Out Life. In the Spring Mix tape like musical, Night of Your Life I played a role in the ensemble cast and as a song writer. As of right now I have the honor of portraying the charming Mr. Memory in the upcoming fall play, The Thirty-nine Steps.

Something I never think about before writing a blog post for theatre is why I’m here in the first place. What do I get from theatre? The answer is simple really; I get to help tell a story with, and for people I care about. The experience of crafting a story with an amazing community whether it be through song and dance or overcoming challenges can’t be matched by any other extra-curricular. Everyone in the theatre program has a kindhearted spirt and an aura that says, “I got you dude.” Our theatre director Mr. Roby gives off nothing but support and energy, which has helped me many times.

I would say the only regret I have about my experience as an actor and writer is that my work hasn’t gotten out there. As of today, I have participated in the production of four theatrical productions and have only gotten to perform live in... none of them. I haven’t performed live. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic for this year and hope I get a chance to share the story of Nathan Hale Theatre with all of you.

- Benjamin Mayes

P.S. Please buy a ticket, we don’t have money.

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