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The Art of Rehearsal Snacks by Charlotte Sullivan

Hello! My name is Charlotte Sullivan and I’m playing some various roles in our production of The 39 Steps. There are a lot of important factors that go into having a good rehearsal. Organization, warming up, focusing, and importantly, having an excellent snack for your break. If you are lost on what to pack yourself (or your theatre kid) for their rehearsal snack, do not fret, this is the blog post for you. Here are some notable snacks that I have brought with me to rehearsals for this show.

KIND Bar: A classic. Quality can vary depending on the flavor. My all-time favorite flavor is the dark chocolate cherry cashew one. These will fill me up for a while with just a few bites. Satisfying, filling but not too filling, I think they’re rather aesthetically pleasing, they get a solid score of 8/10.

Pineapple: My mom bought pineapple recently because it was on sale and I packed that in a mason jar, brought it to rehearsal and Downed It. It’s thirst-quenching, refreshing, AND it’s a fun color. You can also eat it with a fork for both style and hygiene points. I see no losses here. Unfortunately I am mildly allergic to it. 9/10.

GoGo SqueeZ: Here is where you get all your money back. We don’t keep these in our house (yet) so I must reach out to my friend and fellow cast member, Shelby Grant, to bring me one. I know nothing about the nutritional value of these, they are just fun to eat. You can’t go wrong with the classic Apple Apple flavor, in fact I am yet to try another flavor that has been on the same level (please keep in mind I have tried one other flavor). With this strategy, you don’t have to pack any food for rehearsal, and you get to ingest a liquid from a bag. 10/10.

Honorable Mentions: Banana, a piece of my friend’s Pop Tart, apple slices + peanut butter (but you just brought the entire jar with you because you were in a hurry), trail mix, strawberries, and airplane cookies.

I’m so incredibly excited about this show, and can’t wait to see you there! It’s great to be back in our Performing Arts Center with this talented cast and crew. We’ve had so much fun creating it for you, and we hope that you enjoy.

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