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Story of My Life (not the One Direction version) by Eva Griswold

Hey, y’all! I’m Eva, a sophomore at Hale this year. Being behind-the-scenes for a show entirely online is...not the easiest thing in the world, but working as an editor is truly just as fun as performing. I’ve taken theatre classes before and this is my second time working on a school show. I think my eagerness makes up for my lack of theatre experience, the only other show I’ve been in being last semester’s fall play Laughing Out Life. I think we’re all very happy with the effort we’ve put into the Spring Musical this year. Night of Your Life: The Mixtape tells a story that every person experiences, albeit at different times. It’s a story of childhood wonder, of the struggles of growing up, of love and togetherness, and finally, looking at all you’ve done with contentment. I hope you enjoy watching life unfold as much as we did constructing it. Thanks for being here!

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