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Schedules and the Perfect Snack By Pen Nowlin

I’m a busy person, and I may be ambitious, but I know playing soccer and acting in the play will work. I’ve been working with my schedules, and I may be slightly overwhelmed, but that’s okay because I have mastered the art of not being hungry. Packing snacks is a delicate task.

Number one, you must always make sure you bring at least two bars. Two Trader Joe’s coconut apple fruit bars. These make your hunger bars rise.

Next, there must be a kind of greasy chip. Cheez-it’s are preferred. But when one’s mother decides these are too “addictive” and too “bad for you,” you must make other plans. So, Doritos will do until she dislikes those as well.

And finally, to master packing snacks, some kind of cut up fruit and vegetables are the frosting on the metaphorical cake. Now I know, you’re all like “but Pen! Those are bad and gross!” However, in order to be healthy and not have Doctor Purgon knocking on your door, this is necessary.

And you’re done!

I’m Pen! A freshman here at Nathan Hale and I’m super duper excited to be in the play. So you better come to see it because I put a lot of work into this blog.

Thanks for reading and GO SEE THE IMAGINARY INVALID!

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