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Omg it’s the Wall-e musical by Cora Floyd

Hi, I’m Cora, I play viola in the pit orchestra for Hello Dolly. I actually play violin, but the role of violist was put on me when 3 violins (me included) signed up and no violas did. But I’m honestly enjoying it a lot, the viola is a really pretty instrument. It’s not big and hard to carry around like a cello, and it isn’t obnoxiously screechy and high-pitched like a violin (I’m allowed to say that, as a violinist of 7 years). Also, the viola part is quite a bit easier than the violin parts. This is my first time participating in Hale theatre, and I’m very excited, though quite nervous (it’s a new experience, y’know?). I haven’t done theater since our so-so musicals in 4th and 5th grade. But I mean, we were only like, 10. Hello Dolly is a fun musical with catchy tunes that at this point are engraved permanently in my brain. I like Sunday Clothes, it’s the one where we get to be a train. You should come see it; it’ll be great!

This is the best picture I got of my cat in my viola case before he jumped off looking for food. He used to like sitting in my case while I practiced, but he never does it anymore. I needed to get some form of photographic evidence before he ran off. Also, he doesn’t like looking at the camera. Thus, the subpar picture.

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