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New People And Things by Lillian West

Hi! As I don’t have much experience in theatre, I have been having so much fun making friends and learning my way around this group. I’m in the ensemble for the most part and I have had a lot of fun learning dialects and creating my characters. Costuming has been a whole new experience as well; the impressive costumes are a stark contrast to the limited selection of middle school and elementary school’s departments.

Me being a freshman, the upperclassmen have been so welcoming and nice to me as I learn more. This is only my first show with Nathan Hale Theatre, and I will definitely be coming back. I am excited for this show’s performances and shows in the future to come.

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Jamie Kushnick
Jamie Kushnick
08 nov. 2021

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So glad you're having fun! It's been a DELIGHT getting to work with you over the show! Go 39 Steps!

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