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Music to Murder (Mystery) by Claire Weinstein

Hey all, my name is Claire and I’m a junior. Although not behind the soundboard this year, I am excited to continue working with sound as an editor. I started theater freshman year as a pit musician playing the tenor trombone and tuba. I have been involved with music since kindergarten. I began training my ear with piano, shortly transitioning to tenor trombone. I added tuba to my repertoire, and euphonium, which I currently play in the Nathan Hale Wind Ensemble. I just recently picked up the trumpet and that has been a wild ride. I have loved music and the different forms it comes in for years. Bringing my knowledge to the soundboard was the perfect way to utilize everything I’ve learned from music. When it comes to theater, there is a place for everyone. I’m so lucky to have found my place backstage. Even during these difficult times, I’m still glad to have space for theater in my life. I hope you enjoy the show we have put together!


Claire Weinstein

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