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Let me tell you how COLD our school is by Ruth Bailey-Fogarty

Please bear with me. You might not want to read an entire post of me complaining about our rehearsal environment, but please do because I need the world to know that walking into Nathan Hale is like walking through a portal into the freaking north pole. It is SO COLD in our school. It’s like the administrators decided that Covid means we don’t ever actually need to be warm ever again. Not only is our school made out of concrete and all the science tables are literally metal, there is not a single heating system that ever actually works and covid requirements mean that windows need to be open and cold-ass fans have to be blowing on us at all times. And the PAC is no different. I swear, dressing for rehearsal is the hardest thing ever because I need to wear super thick socks (but my dance shoes don’t fit around thick socks), I want to wear long sleeves (but the second we start moving I get too hot). It’s kinda funny because everyone will arrive all bundled up, and then as soon as warmups start there are jackets and shirts littered all over the stage. But yeah, all the people who are working on this show deserve a standing ovation simply for rehearsing in a freezer of a theater.

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