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Inclusion Officer Jamie Kushnick - "7645% Inclusive"

Hey everyone! My name is Jamie Kushnick, and I’m an Inclusion Officer here at Hale! Wow. I’m so excited to be writing this blog about my time as a Thespian Officer! This program has been my home and community at Hale since my freshman year, and it has meant so much being able to give back to the program with the other Officers.

To start off with a bit of my story, I’ve been an officer since last year. I started as an Inclusion Officer, and I’ve been having a blast with the position ever since! Inclusion Officers are in charge of exactly what it sounds like, including. We think of ways our program can become more welcoming to all. We lead discussions during times of recognition like Black History Month and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We lead games and activities during Drama Club. In fact, I think my favorite memory from being an Officer was when we led a game of “Family Portrait '' in the early days of this year’s Drama Clubs. It was hilarious to see everyone’s fantastic poses and creative descriptions of our made up family slideshow! I could really feel the community coming together, everyone laughing and having fun in our very own space! A space that’s for you!

We as Inclusion Officers are always open to receiving feedback and concerns from students in the program. To quote our mission statement: “We’re here to build a supportive and productive community.” That’s us! That’s what inclusion is all about. And believe me when I say I love my job!

I think my favorite thing about being an Officer, not just an Inclusion Officer, but a member of the student leadership of Hale Theatre, is our weekly meetings. “But Jamie, how can a MEETING be FUN?!” Well I’ll tell you my friend! In these meetings, me and the five other Officers work to plan events like drama club and other monthly/weekly occurrences that need organizing within the theatre program. Currently, we’re planning and executing our campaign for Officer applications! I love how we’ve been able to work together and get the word out that “you too can be a Thespian Officer!” It’s amazing to be a part of a committed, creative, and friendly group of friends that are all in it to better the program together!

Apply to be an Officer! Get involved! Have fun! Thank you for reading my blog post! And thank you people of Nathan Hale Theatre for giving me the best four years of my life! Go troupe 7645!

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