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I May Have Killed a Guy by Willow Durst

Hi everyone! You may see me on stage portraying Glory in this year's fall play Almost, Maine. And like Glory, I’m heavily directionally challenged and couldn't tell you which way was south even with a compass in hand. I’ve lived in Washington my whole life and still hesitate when I say I live in the Northwest. Glory mistakenly refers to Maine as being north, and it took me several read-throughs to understand what was wrong with her sentence. I believe Glory is smart and driven, but like us all; struggles from time to time with basic knowledge.

Glory loves a good story and a solid interesting fact. I like to think I hold a lot of interesting knowledge in my noggin even if it's utterly useless. For example, doughnut holes were invented in Maine, it’s physically impossible for pigs to look up at the sky (which is devastating), Maine’s annual lobster yield is nearly 100 million pounds, Earwax is a type of sweat, and sure, if anyone looked at a map of the United States of America they would know that Maine is the only state attached to only one other state, (but it’s still a fun fact). Maybe the reason Glory is superstitious and filled with fun facts is to fill her mind with empty space, I believe she has a hard time sitting still with her thoughts and would rather spew them out to anybody or anything willing to listen.

Maybe Glory just wants a friend to talk to, and spend time with, maybe she wants someone who wants her too. And maybe she knew what she was doing when she used a stranger's yard as a campground. Cause only the lord knows the things I've done and sacrificed in the wilderness, (including make-shift honey buckets).

I think we should all live life the way Glory does, wandering through life not knowing which way is up and down, eager for the next right thing, wanting to just live a little and take risks. Like Glory, I don’t have all the answers, I’ll believe anything I read in a travel brochure, I love a good campsite, and I (literally) keep my heart close wherever I go. And like Glory, I too, may have killed a guy.

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