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I'm trying my best by Sivan Shavit

Hi! I'm Sivan, part of the costume team for Nathan Hale's Imaginary Invalid. This year is my freshman year of high school, and I've never had to write a blog post. As you might be able to tell, I have no idea what I'm doing. Heh. Yeah. I should say something about the play. 

It's been really great to be a part of the techie team here at Hale. This is only my second time beeping a techie, and the older theater gang was so nice and welcoming to us freshmen. I've had so much fun working with all the great actors and other techies to build this production. And of course I have to mention the amazing costume designers who put together the costumes for the show. 

Yeah, that's as much weird vomit as I'm willing to spew. Go see the show, it's hilarious.

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