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I have to title two more of these until I graduate??? Man. by Nina McKinstry

I think I’ve officially cured my inability to title these posts by making it a series, so that’s what one would call an “epic gamer moment”.

Hi! My name is Nina and I’m lucky enough to be playing Theo in Nathan Hale’s production of Pippin this year! I’m so incredibly excited to be a part of this show. I’ve always struggled to write these blog posts so I’m just gonna list my favorite things about Pippin’s rehearsal process so far:

  1. I absolutely love Theo as a character. I’ve always struggled with making interesting choices with characters, but with Theo I’m having a blast. He’s a beautiful part of the story and he’s just so fun to play.

  2. In the show, Theo has a pet duck named Otto. That within itself may be my favorite part of the show, but what’s even better is that I currently get to use a baby doll in place of a prop duck. I have nothing more to say about that. Just that I love carrying around a baby doll in like half my scenes.

  3. I also have the incredible opportunity to be both the marketing manager and one of two dance captains for the show this year. Being a dance captain means that I get to learn all of the choreography whether I’m in a certain number or not, which is so fun. I get to continue my role as marketing manager, which has to be one of my favorite things I’ve done at school ever.

I have been having such an amazing time with this show so far. I know it is going to be incredible to see, and I just can’t wait to perform it.

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