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I have to title three more of these before I graduate??? Man. by Nina McKinstry

It feels weird to say, but The 39 Steps will be my first on-stage experience with Nathan Hale Theatre and I am SO EXCITED for it! I’ve been involved in theatre at Hale since my freshman year, but I haven’t gotten to actually perform in a show (at least one that didn’t get cancelled) until now, and I could not imagine a better experience than this show and its cast & crew. I’ve finally been able to do theatre with my friends in person after so long (and in some cases for the first time ever) and meeting new people in this space has been just as wonderful! It’s been challenging creating multiple different characters (who by the way all have different accents), but it has been so rewarding to finally be able to do something like this again. I hope to see you all for Nathan Hale Theatre’s production of The 39 Steps!

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Jamie Kushnick
Jamie Kushnick
02 nov. 2021

YEAH NINA! Can't wait to finally be able to act with you! Your Scottish is coming along really well, you're doing great!

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