I don’t know a title by kay but written by Haejoo Roedel

Dear wonderful readers,

Heyo hi hello. My name is Haejoo. I am in the 10th grade and I am a part of Nathan Hale theater. I am a techie person this year, but this blog post isn't about that. It is about this wonderful person named Kay who is younger then me but taller than me which I hate (but everyone is taller than me so) but that isn’t the point. Maybe next year I will write my blog post about being short. Anyways. I met Kay in theater and pride club. We have spent time together as we are both techies watching rehearsal and watching the show together. My most favorite part about being friends with Kay is the quotes I get out of our conversations. Here are the ones I have without giving anyone context, which is really funny:

"Fire controlling fairy" -Kay

"Your goose/duck has holes in it" -Kay

"Give me a second i am stabbing a foot" -Kay

"Instead of my hands looking like a koi fish, it looks like i killed someone" -Kay

Haejoo: "Is that an elephant?

Kay: "No that’s a cup of human body parts" (one of my favorites)

So yeah that is my blog post. And we got magic to show you in the show


Haejoo aka shorter one than Kay

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