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Hydrate or Die-drate (But in this case Cry-drate) by Ravenna Donohue

Hello, my name is Ravenna Donohue, I am playing Ermengarde in our production of Hello, Dolly! And I am here to talk to you about everyone’s favorite subject… *drumroll please* TAXES!

Just kidding! We are talking about hydration. What is hydration? Fear not I will explain all about it. Hydration is the process of causing something to absorb water, or in layman’s terms drinking water. Drinking water is incredibly important, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You should always have water during things like school, work or really anything else you might do. In fact, hydration is especially important in the art of musical theatre, you can’t sing, dance, and act your best if you don’t have water in your system. One should always have water whilst rehearsing, performing and practicing. And while we’re on the subject I cannot recommend enough having a reusable water bottle and bringing it most everywhere with you.

Now how does this connect to Hello, Dolly!? Well as I stated earlier, I am playing the role of Ermengarde, who if you do not know cries a lot. And you know what crying is? Losing water. You know what losing water is also known as? Dehydrating. You know how you can combat dehydration? Hydrating. Drinking some good old H2O! I’d bet most of the characters in Hello, Dolly! are dehydrated! They should all be drinking more water, and so should you! As the age-old saying goes: Hydrate or Die-drate!

And so ends this convoluted way of convincing all of you to come to our show and also drink more water, maybe even purchase water at our show and support our theatre department in the process. Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you enjoy the show!

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