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Empty Red Seats by Claire Weinstein

Hello friends,

My name is Claire, I’m a junior and the sound designer for the spring show this year! I’ve been participating in theatre at Hale for three years now and although I’ve learned many technical things, I have also learned that theatre is a place for everyone. While I can’t tell you specifics, I can say that our show this year is a variety of many beautiful works of art. Much like our show, the community that is theatre is a mix and match of people from all different backgrounds. Theatre is a place everyone belongs and it’s also a community that lifts and supports one another. Throughout the past year I have learned just how much we are able to do, despite the challenges we face, when we work together and use all our different strengths. I hope that this show brings some light to your world and helps you feel connected to our community because you, an audience member, are as important to theatre as any of us. The audience helps make our world of theatre magical and meaningful. Although I miss the cast and crew immensely, the hardest part of this new experience of online theater is that I miss the audience. The loud cheers, muffled laughter, and attempting to spot friends from the booth (yes we do indeed try to figure out who’s who from way up there). I miss seeing seats filled and hearing the low chatter drift up into the booth at intermission. I miss all of you who come to enjoy our show and appreciate the work we put into them. I’m thankful for everyone supporting our show and motivating us to put on such amazing performances despite the empty red seats (or in our case I think they’re black).

Happy spring and enjoy the show!



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