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Ben Platt = Me by Gabe Shen

Well I’m pretty terrified, to be honest. Excited beyond words sure, but petrified nonetheless.

Hi! My name is Gabe and I’m playing the role of Pippin in Pippin. Pippin will be the most prominent role I’ve ever had in a musical and in some ways, I don’t even know where to start.

To be honest, I’m a bit rusty. Due to COVID, I have not worked on an in person show for quite some time. Plus, returning to the stage my senior year in a lead role, I feel driven to strive above and beyond to make my performance and the show as a whole the best it can possibly be. Yeah… that’s a lot of pressure I’m putting on myself.

That being said, I was surprised with how naturally my theatre skills returned to me as we began rehearsal. I think my immense amount of excitement really helped get me back in it smoothly.

Oh yeah and have I mentioned I’m really excited to do this show?!?! It’s true.

The sense of nostalgia I felt stepping into the PAC and onto the stage again for the first time was incredible. Immediately, all the memories came flooding back and fired me up even more.

The camaraderie and drive of this cast and crew, which I believe is strengthened by the past two years of not being able to do full productions, also furthers the passion behind this show.

AAAAAAAAA, trust me, Pippin is not a production you will want to miss!

-Gabe Shen

(P.S. Please enjoy this picture of THE Ben Platt as a high school senior playing Pippin in his high school production)

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