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accents are silly by Lillian West

My name is Lillian and I have the amaaaazing opportunity of portraying Ernestina in our Spring Musical, Hello, Dolly! Ernestina is truly a.... special character. She's insane. But I love her for that, you know? She's loveable but also a little crazy.

Some of the decisions I had to make with Ernestina were; how she acts, does she think she's an it-girl (she does), and what accent should she have. Now, I wanted her to kind of have an annoying voice, but not too annoying, so I cycled through a few different options. I tried "rich aunt from New York ", I tried "Long Island Medium", and I even tried a transatlantic accent (which is very hard).

I kept working and working to find an accent I thought was right. Then one day, when I wasn't even thinking about it, it happened. I had been running lines with a fellow cast member, and I ended up just going for it. I ended up somewhere close to Janice from Friends. It was perfect. It needed some tweaking but oh, was it perfect. The next thing I needed to do was the reveal. So, when it came time to do my scene at rehearsals, I let it rip. And according to my friends, it was funny. Which was really the only thing I could've hoped for,

This pic is me fr

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