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A Year of Rolling with the Punches by Gabe Shen

Hi! My name is Gabe and I’m a junior at Hale and part of the cast of Night of Your Life. To be completely honest, at the start of rehearsals for this show, I was not too enthused about it all. I was very much looking forward to performing Newsies this year and it was quite the letdown when I heard it wasn’t going to happen.

However, something I’ve learned again and again throughout this year is that you just got to roll with the punches and make the best out of whatever it is you’re doing. So, while I certainly wasn’t pleased when I learned that I would not be portraying a teen who dances down the streets of New York, selling papes and performing pirouettes, I have come to find that working on NOYL is rewarding and compelling in its own unique way.

I love the freedom we are able to have creating the show, and how the songs we chose really cater to the person (or people) performing them. There’s also something really cool about the way our separate performances create a cohesive story about so many different stages of life.

I know this show is going to be a very special one because of the passion that the people in our cast have for the songs they are performing. Get ready folks, this is a night of your life you do NOT want to miss!

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