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17 is Close Enough to 39 by Nirnkaar Khalsa


“You are listening to Nirnkaar Khalsa’s episode of The 39 Steps, this year’s deep look into the fall play. I am your host and fellow actor playing the radio announcer, and you are tuning in live, from the Khalsa manner. Our guest here tonight is Nirnkaar’s thoughts and opinions, and she will be sharing her views on the show.”

Nirnkaar: “Thank you for having me, I am very excited to be here tonight.”

Radio Announcer: “How has your experience been in the theatre community?”

Nirnkaar: “The theatre community strives to make a family while you are on the show, to ultimately make a better show and to have a more enjoyable time while you are there. One example is at the start of rehearsals, we do warmups and people will take turns to ask questions that the circle will answer. This can be anything on your mind or just allow the group to give updates in their life.

R.A: “How would you describe the show in a few words.”

Nirnkaar: “A comedy, mystery, car chase, get-away type of show.”

R.A: “How is this show unique?”

Nirnkaar: “This show is unique in the way that there are dozens of different characters and is meant for a small cast. Which forces the actors to make drastically different choses with their roles and try different things out. For a learning opportunity, it is a lot of fun as actors.”

R.A.: “What is your favorite part about this production?

Nirnkaar: “The show is very fast paced and takes place in many different locations, some of them on a train or in a car, and as actors, we need to make it feel like the stage is in this constant movement. For example, on the train, the actors are to bounce up and down while acting and when the train stops, we all have to lurch forward. Overall, this makes the show a lot more amusing to watch and more for you to focus on, with this constant flow of either people at a party or movement in the train or at the theatre."

R.A: “Thank you Nirnkaar for telling us about the show and for coming down here tonight. We will be back to answer your dying questions of “Does Hannay kill someone?”, “The answer to The 39 steps”, and “Who is the villain all along?” just after a short break of popular Scottish romance music…


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