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I’m Board. By Uly Smucker

See what I did there. Me being the sound designer and mic board operator. Board, bored. Comedy. Anyways, I was bored in class when I wrote this, as I had finished all the work. I learned this recently, but apparently certain actors just look through all the production folders of information when they are bored. I mean, I do that too, but an actor doing it? It was very interesting when I found out, because it wasn’t from an actor, but our fabulous stage manager Crow. This got me thinking about what fun things all the other technical departments have as notes. So, I will now share some interesting things from the files of the show.

The costume department has this fancy spreadsheet of every single costume piece. It has a fancy percentage that shows what pieces they have or not.

The marketing team has so much. Anything you are going to read or see online; they’ve got it in their files. They even have this exact blog post probably.

The stage managers have so many rehearsal reports. This is a breakdown of every single rehearsal. I know. That’s... a lot of rehearsals.

Our set designer has these cool virtual renderings of the set. It looks so cool. I’m not going to spoil it, but someone else might have already. Who knows?

That’s about it. Tons of fun stuff.

And that’s also how we keep entertained.

Thanks for reading!

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