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Doing All The Techie Things by Crow Delavan

My name is Crow Delavan and I’m a techie in The 39 Steps.

Not only is this my first play at Hale, but it’s also my very first play as a techie!! And I can say with certainty that techies do, indeed, have the best job. I first signed up for the play wanting to do all the techie things. Unfortunately, I do not have the capacity to do all the techie things, so I had to choose the jobs I wanted most. That was hard, because as I have said, I wanted to do all the things. I ended up working on costumes, which turned out to be a lot of fun and rewarding in ways I never anticipated. I got to spend time with every single actor while taking their measurements and handing them different coats to try on. Now that we’re in tech week, I’ve gotten to spend even more time with the actors and techies while I make last minute adjustments to dresses and find more pairs of pants. A small part of my dream of doing all the things came true when I volunteered to help hang and adjust lights. I got to spend four hours walking up and down stairs with three wrenches in my pockets!!

I have really enjoyed working on this show, and I think I will continue to enjoy the short time we have left. After that, I’m looking forward to future shows, and hopefully at some point completely organizing the disaster that is the costume closet.

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