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Nathan Hale Theatre Student Experience!

What theatre opportunities do students have at Nathan Hale?

In this video, Mr. Roby goes over the many theatre opportunities at Hale, as well as descriptions of specific classes. You can also find a document detailing class info here!

What is Theatre at Nathan Hale HS all about?

You can hear short testimonials from Nathan Hale Theatre students on THIS FLIPGRID!
They'll share about their experience, their favorite moments, their most challenging moments -- what theatre at Hale has helped them learn or achieve.

  1. Click on THIS LINK

  2. Log in with a district e-mail address (you might need this join code: 88248fb2)

  3. Scroll down the page

  4. And click on the images of the students to watch the videos and learn about what we do here, how it feels, and how you can be involved.


ALL are welcome to do theatre at Hale!  Yes, that means YOU!!

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