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Workshops Offered:

  • Intro to Acting

    • The Intro to Acting class is a one day workshop that will cover stage presence, character choices, working with other actors, and more! 

  • Intro to Improv

    • The improv class is a one day workshop that will focus on what makes improv fun! The workshop will cover the basics of improv, as well as applying improv to scripted pieces. 

  • Tech Theatre

    • The Intro to Tech Theater workshop will cover what it means to have a technical theatre job and what tech theater jobs can be. These include marketing, lighting, sound, set design, props, makeup, costume, and being a stagehand. The basics of each role will be explained as well as paired with personal stories from the workshop leaders.

  • Tap

    • The Beginners Tap class is a two-day workshop covering very basic tap steps. Tap shoes and a tap board are not required, and absolutely no experience is necessary.



Monday, November 29th - Acting Workshop

Tuesday, November 30th - Improv Workshop

Wednesday, December 1st - Tech Theatre Workshop

Thursday, December 2nd through Friday, December 3rd - Tap Workshop

(All of these classes will take place on Zoom at 4:30)


Signing Up & Class Fees

Each class will have a max of 15 students. Single day classes (Acting, Improv, Tech Theatre) will cost $7 per student and multi-day classes (Tap) will cost $10.

Class fees can be payed here:

To sign up, people can email to reserve their spot in the class by sending the student’s name, the class (or classes) they will be attending, and proof of payment. Info about attending class (Zoom link, etc.) will be sent to those who sign up individually.

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