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WOOOOOOOOOO by Apollo Kerner

So! this is my first time in a musical properly! the first time covid cancelled it which really sucks. But hey! New musical and I love it!

Theater in general really helps with my mental health, and kinda with my anxiety? Hard to explain. But! It also helps with my gender dysphoria! Why? Well, I'm a trans man (he/it/they pronouns, in that order) and I'm still figuring out my gender expression. Am I a soft boy? Am I a fae? Am I an emo? all i know is when i figure out how to do eyeliner it's all over for you.

Jokes aside, the costumes, the music, it all helps me figure out... who I am. I get to see myself in characters that I never thought I'd relate to. Also I get to see more musicals and make more leaps as to why everything can be a queer allegory if you think about it hard enough. Seriously, Pippin is a queer (but specifically trans) allegory and i will go into it if asked.

That aside, I can't wait to be in this performance!!! Go Pippin!! I guess-

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