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Why is the PAC Always Cold? (And Why Baseball is the Best Sport to Watch) by Hank Roos

The rooms associated with the theatre department here at NHHS have a biiig problem. Every single time we walk into the PAC or the Black Box (Room 1401 for all you non-theatre folks), it’s freezing cold. Shivering cold. Cold that feels like it lowered your body temperature 5 degrees. Cold as Antarctica in the middle of January (Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit.) And you know what? I still haven’t figured this out. Is it that the air conditioning is malfunctioning? Is it that they’re just not well insulated enough? Or is it, and this is my personal belief, that FERGUS is responsible for the low temps! Who is Fergus, you might ask? Well, you’ll have to join Hale Theatre or ask a cast member personally when you come see “Almost, Maine”! I’ll hope to see you there and together, finally solve the mystery of why the PAC and Black Box are so cold.

On an unrelated note, baseball is objectively the best sport to watch. It has the best atmosphere, the most iconic moments (Cal Raleigh’s walkoff homer to send the Mariners to the playoffs for the first time in 21 years comes to mind), the most satisfying sounds (the crack of a bat, the smack of a glove), and the best fans. (Booing the Astros is always fun) Nothing will change my mind about this. Anyway, again, come see the show! You'll have a blast!

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