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Welcome To the Hotel Yonkers by Elora Coble

Welcome to the worst blog ever written.

In this blog I will discuss in too much detail why "Hotel California" is a great song.

I find the lyrics to be real and beautiful, especially because they can be seen as having many different meanings. I interpret it as a poetic tale of struggling with addiction. Personally, I've seen many of my family members deal with addiction, to varying degrees. This song really hits home and touches my heart for that reason. Not to mention the imagery and melody of the song are wonderful and haunting. "How they dance in the courtyard, Sweet summer sweat. Some dance to remember, some dance to forget." The lyrics of this song draw you into a world that is vivid and raw. It evokes complex emotions out of me personally, which I enjoy. I think it's good to sit in the discomfort of not knowing how you're feeling sometimes.

You could even compare this to Dolly's relationship to matchmaking. One could say that she's addicted to it. It fills the hole that Ephraim left when he died.

Then, when she realizes what Horace means to her, it's like she's sobering up for the first time since he passed.

"We are all just prisoners here, of our own device". She's a prisoner of grief. She's begging Ephraim to let her go, to free her of the pain and let her move on. But really, she's the only one who needs to free herself.

If you have not yet heard this song, I recommend you give it a listen. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE (or not, I don't know).

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