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WACKY SHOW by Hank Roos

Hi! My name is Hank Roos, and I play Monsieur De Bonnefoi in our Fall Play, The Imaginary Invalid. The Imaginary Invalid is a show about a dude named Argan. He thinks he’s sick (invalid). He’s really not. (Imaginary). Along the way, we meet a cast of weird and colorful characters, and all the strange hijinks they get up to. This play has a very distinctive style. It is known as Commedia de L’Arte! For some of you, you may be

thinking, “Commedia de WHAA?” And don’t worry, you’re not the only ones. Commedia de L’Arte is a comedy style that’s characterized by colorful stock characters, improv, and physical comedy. So, the best word to describe this year’s show is WACKY. This is a WACKY show. For example, my character faints whenever he is nervous. And he is nervous a lot. I counted six times where he fainted because he was nervous. That’s a lot of fainting. So far, all we’ve done is the first scene and the last scene, but when working on my scenes, I have to learn how to fall in a way that’s safe, but looks real. So far, working on this show has been very fun. I’m having a blast at rehearsals. From meeting new people, to making stupid choices to see if they’re funny, this experience has been awesome. I can’t wait for you guys to see this show.

-Hank out.

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