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Vice President & Secretary Charlotte Sullivan - "Madam Vice"

Hi! I’m Charlotte Sullivan, and I’m the vice president and secretary of Nathan Hale Theatre! My main vice president tasks are helping the president make decisions and coordinate plans, and filling in for other officers when needed. As the secretary, I take notes at every meeting we have, keep track of the calendar, and keep to-do lists. During officer meetings I can be seen furiously typing on my computer, asking people to repeat themselves because I didn’t write it fast enough, and saying “we can make a document for that!” In addition, I assist the rest of the officers in general with event planning and leading drama club.

One of my favorite parts of being an officer is getting to be a resource to those new to the program. I love getting to show people how we do things here, as well as hear from them on how we can improve. Putting myself out there and talking to new people used to be really challenging for me, so I’m glad that I’ve taken on a job that pushed me out of my comfort zone!

My favorite officer memory so far has been leading a slideshow during drama club on black theatre history and significance. I learned so much from creating the presentation, and got to pass that knowledge onto our community. Being an officer has also made me more comfortable with public speaking and presenting, so presentations are now something I genuinely enjoy. I hope you also consider becoming an officer to make some treasured memories of your own!

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