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The Tragedy of the Pit Racoon as told by Ben Mattis

Did you ever hear the tragedy of the Pit Racoon?

I thought not.

It's not a story Mr. Roby would tell you. It's a Pit Musician legend. The Pit Racoon was a legendary multi-instrumentalist, so talented and so wise that it could play any instrument without effort. It was a master of music, able to create melodies that not even an entire band could...

The Pit Racoon was so powerful and so wise in the ways of music that it could use its talent to influence the entire violin section to play perfectly in tune, making them sound as beautiful as a glacial stream. It had such a knowledge of music, that it could play all the instruments in the pit orchestra simultaneously, creating music so harmonious that composers wept.

The way of the Pit Racoon is a path to many abilities some consider to be… unnatural.

I tell a tragic tale of the Pit Racoon's fate. It became so powerful… the only thing the Pit Racoon was afraid of was losing its talent, which eventually, of course, it did. Unfortunately, it taught Ms. Sibicky everything it knew, then, fearing for her job, she locked it in the pit while it slept.

Ironic. The place where the Pit Racoon’s talent was displayed became its prison.

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