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   The Theatre Loop By Piper Bartleson

    The sign-ups for this Fall’s show opened all the way back in June, when everything was calming down, and I was getting ready for a relaxing, empty Summer. When September came, I was restless. I rushed to get my contract done and turned in, excited to be back in the PAC, and starting another loop. I turn in the contract within two days of the deadline, and begins part 1, the wait. Did I get in? Did Mr. Roby see it? Was it signed correctly? The questions skulk in my head for at least a week. Until it comes, the email. Roles, announcements, to-do lists, a calendar, everything! The first rehearsal comes, and we transition into part 2, building the show. Every Saturday, gathering in a space so familiar, but without the fanfare of shows past, it’s an odd feeling. Jobs are assigned, goals are set, and the slow burn of the production starts. Once the weeks have passed, and the skeleton is built, the actors prepare to finish their rehearsals, and converge onto the stage for the finale. Part 3, making it all real. The roadmap is coming to an end soon, and it’s time to make the most of what we’ve got left. Actors and techies working in tandem, stage managers and directors coordinating it all. Everything slowly being refined until we reach the day before the performance. We’ve made a show, and now for a few days we get the chance to present it to the world. Thursday, Friday, Saturday. And just like that, it’s over…the memories are made, the backstage snacks are all eaten, and we can take a little time to relax after this last theatre loop.

Well, until the next loop begins, of course.

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