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The Science of Blogging by Marina Grey

If you couldn’t already tell, this might be a blog. I know, how shocking. But what is a blog you might ask? Well, according to studies done at the university of ID in K-county, a blog can be many things. Here is what the university students answered when asked this pivotal research question: “What is a blog?”

“Some words that I made up.” Evie, Junior NHHS.

“It’s sort of like an article someone makes on a…thing… but it’s less formal.” Lyric, Junior NHHS.

“A blog... is... (crosses arms) where you write about something interesting or something that's happened to you, period. Don't write period because I know you are going to." Benjamin, Junior NHHS.

“A piece of writing that shows what something is." Laura, JAMS.

"A blob with a g." Jacky, Junior GHS.

"I don’t even know what a blog is…” Emily, Junior CHS

“A blog is a way to say hi without saying hi.” Cove, Sophomore NHHS

“A blog is a way to subtly complain about something in the department.” Lilith, Sophomore NHHS

“Why???!” Lux, Freshman NHHS

It’s like reddit but worse.” Uly, Sophomore NHHS

someone’s personal sh*tty shower thoughts.” Jackson, Sophomore NHHS

“It’s when my teenage niece says stuff I don’t care about.” Ann, Evie’s Aunt

An overall consensus was that blogs were words put together. It’s a very complex idea, we know. So, to fully understand what a blog is, you need to know what goes into making a blog. After millions of dollars and thousands of hours of research over the past ten years my colleagues and I have finally created these rules for writing a blog:

  1. Tell them your life story. “I used to love books, but ever since my pet lobster died it hasn’t been the same.”

  2. Introduce an idea or opinion. “I really love rocks because I can throw them at off bridges at people.”

  3. Provide evidence. “The first chair was made in 1992, for the purpose of protecting yourself from squirrels.”

  4. Add filler. Literally write anything else. Please.“Snickerdoodle was once the name of a great poet who wrote about righteous hamsters.”

  5. End with an inspirational quote. “Me and annoyed are synonyms,” Evey Rowblehskeee

I'll end this with my own advice. An inspirational quote from a fellow blogger: "Blog is a word that rhymes with jog." - Evie Wroblewski.

Thanks to the tax payers who let me waste millions of dollars for my research, the people who gave butter, and those that read this blog. You made this production possible.

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