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The Promised Land by Charlotte Sullivan

I’m sure you clicked on this expecting me to gush and rave about Nathan Hale’s performing arts center. I will not. Don’t get me wrong, I love the PAC. Every year I make treasured memories there that I will look fondly back on for many years. I also do that at Centerstage Dance Shop. I go there roughly once a year, when the musical rolls around and it’s revealed that my current footwear won’t cut it.

Am I a dancer? Not really. I quit dance class when I was 10 to make time for theatre (ironic), and I may or may not have cried at my first high school choreography rehearsal (the combination of tap shoes and pure fear is stronger than most would assume). When I try to figure out why I like going there so much, I can’t really land on a specific reason. I never buy anything other than shoes, I don’t need special fitting or anything, I don’t really need to use the fun little section of wooden floor to test the shoes. I know they work because I bought the same pair in a different color when I was 14.

Maybe it’s the rush of excitement I get while purchasing character shoes. I get to wear these shoes on stage! I’m gonna make memories in these shoes! I’m gonna dance! I still have the shoes that I bought when I was 14 for my freshman show. I plan on bringing them to college. I hope they picked up some sweet PAC energy during my time here. Thank you for a wonderful 4 years.

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