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The (Kind of) Perfect Blog Post by Shelby Grant

Hello! My name is Shelby and I’m playing Catherine in our production of Pippin!

I consider myself to be a very sentimental person. I hold on to gifts for a long time, I have a detailed memory of (probably meaningless) moments from my childhood, and I want to write the perfect blog post for me to create a shining legacy through. That will probably not happen in the slightest but I still want to do my best with this blog post.

I spent way too long thinking of an idea for this post. I wanted to make this one count since I’m a senior and this is my last show. Since I’ve been a part of every Hale show since I was a freshman this is my eighth blog post. I’d like to think that I’ve written some pretty great blogs in the past which makes writing this one so much more difficult.

Blog posts are our way of taking people behind the scenes during our shows. It’s our moment as cast and crew to speak directly to our audience in a meaningful way. I’ll use this as a way to say thanks and get a bit too nostalgic for the Hale theater website:

It has been a privilege to get to know all those I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve made great friends, grown as a person, and gotten to put on some quality plays and musicals. To everyone that’s made the last four years what they have been - thank you.

Here is a picture of me and Charlotte as freshmen in Crazy For You to prove that I really have been doing this for that long.

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