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The Glory of a Show by Iris Taylor

Hey! Okay so I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, ready? I don’t think you are but here goes… rehearsals are crazy and semi-magical. Okay yes I know that sounds a little strange but bear with me for a sec. Somehow we manage to turn fumbling directions, seams in the floor and slightly odd numbers on the pit into a flawless (well mostly) number that looks amazing. Our many hours of work manage to turn just an idea into reality. And that’s super cool if you really think about it. Especially the fact that you can’t see any of that just seeing the finished product. No one not a part of this show would know about all the stupid jokes we make, the many hours we put into the, the blood, sweat and tears that make this show work. And that’s kinda beautiful and kinda sad. Although I don’t know about any of you but I’m kinda glad most people don’t know the stupid stuff I’ve said during rehearsal. Again it gets crazy!!! But fun, it is so much fun.Now that I’ve rambled on about nothing, I hope you enjoy our magical show and be overjoyed and overwhelmed and…

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