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The Art of an Assassination Attempt by Lillian West

Going into this show I had no knowledge of any events that happened on the storyline. Everything was new to me on the first readthrough – Pippin was not a musical I was familiar with but now it’s one of my favorites.  

Pippin gave me the opportunity to go to my first ever callback – though I didn’t get cast as any main characters I felt and still feel so honored to be included. My role has also grown on me over the course of these few weeks. (I wasn’t cropped off the cast list this time – yes!!) I play the main noble as well as one of the players. It is my personal belief that I got my role because of how I sassed Gabe-our Pippin-in one of the scenes we did together during the callback. But he gets to have his revenge by pippin trying to kill my player during a scene. Though I guess my player did deserve it since I did try to kill Pippin’s dad but oh well. As an Infidel Hun I think I got too ambitious by going for King Charles himself. I was, of course, unsuccessful. 

On another note, everyone new I’ve met through the course of Pippin so far has been super nice and welcoming, this community is really the best. I can’t wait to work more on the show and see the final project!

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