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The Ancient and Most Sacred Knowledge of Marketing by Ravenna Donohue

Hi y’all, I’m Ravenna and I am doing marketing for this show you may have heard of called The Imaginary Invalid. This is my first time working backstage and my first foray into the wonderous world of advertising. So far. I have learned a bunch, including the art of poster designing, how to run the Instagram (@nathan_hale_theatre) and the very website you’re reading this on now. And now since it is my job, I will tell you all about how amazing this show is. Our production is a new look at a very old show, and I am proud to say you will be astounded by the skill displayed by our actors and crew. You will laugh, you might cry (who knows), you will have a very good time. And you should buy lots and lots of concessions and support our program. Can’t wait to see you guys at the show!

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