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Thank you, Love you by Isabella Ghironi

HI I’m Isabella the stage managers apprentice for Almost Maine. This means that I get to learn from one of the best people I know….. Crow! (our current SM). I honestly don’t know what to write about Crow because they are so amazing. They are one of the best people I know in so many ways. Crow has taught me so many things from blocking notes and taping scripts to taking care of yourself during a production.

Last year for Hello Dolly! I was the assistant lighting designer, and I designed a multitude of the cues for the show, I was also a spot op and this meant that I had a headset and was able to hear people when they talked over coms. Every once in a while, during cue to cue and run-throughs throughout tech week Crow would say, “those lights look really cool I wonder who made them” or “Hey Isabella those are some really cool lights”. I am not sure if I ever told them how happy that made me and how seen it made me feel, but Crow made me feel seen for something that I am passionate about when I was really worried about what people would think of my work.

I am simultaneously so sad and yet so happy to be writing this because Crow is leaving us at the end of this year but (and yes I know it is cringy but I don’t care) I know that they are also going to do amazing at whatever they do next even if it is not at Nathan Hale. I just want to say Crow that I love you and miss you already and thank you, for everything.

In the great words of Crow, Kachow.

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