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Stuff you Should Throw by Yonatan Speizer

  1. Juggling balls- This is probably the only item on the list that you can throw and not always get yelled at. However, since juggling is not allowed most of the time, throwing juggling balls results in being yelled at most of the time.

  2. Phone - When you throw your phone, people will yell at you about how "it is going to break." This is untrue, phones can not break. Because it is impossible for a phone to break, you should throw a phone at a wall as hard as you can. It will bounce

  3. Shoes

  4. Props - You are not supposed to throw props. I do not usually throw props but when I do, I get yelled at.

  5. Scissors- Scissors are so fun that even touching them is enough to be yelled at. Also, scissors are amazing and make very cool shapes. If you have not thrown scissors before, you must throw scissors

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