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Stuff I Learned by Rosemary Sutherland

Recently I went to the state thespian festival (Yes, theatre people have competitions too. What did you think the Oscar’s were??) and here’s some acting tips I learned there:

1. Showing and feeling are different. If you’re showing, you’re not feeling. But if you’re feeling your acting, you’re showing it. So try to feel it.

2. What you rehearse is what you perform. Make sure that the way you’re memorizing isn’t gonna show and be obvious in performances!

3. Mastering your body is a component of great acting.

4. Take time to listen and understand what your scene partner is saying.

5. Know the difference between acting and telling a story with your acting.

6. Movement isn’t needed all the time. If you save movement for only when it’s necessary, it can be a lot more powerful. Stillness is essential.

7. Silence is also very powerful

8. Professionalism is a very important value in an actor.

Those were the useful tips. Here’s some other things I learned:

-Tap is really hard!! you need to have suuuper coordinated feet

-I don’t like Fosse style dance as much as I thought I did.

-Waiting in lines for long periods of time is infuriating (I kinda already knew this but this trip has reminded of that frustration)

-I’ve never lost a game of cards against humanities (undefeated champion 2-0)

Ok that’s it. Go read the other blogs now. They’re much more fun.

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