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Stage Managers of the present and future by Crow Delevan

To tell this story accurately, we must go back in time to August 2022, the summer before my 11th grade year. I got a text from Ravenna Donohue, one of our marketing officers and Marvalyn in our fall play, sent me a text that one of the new freshmen, Isabella, was interested in stage managing. Fast forward to the start of that school year. I am introducing myself to the new people in drama club, and I finally met Isabella. Over the course of that year, we came up with a plan >:)

Then, fast forward to the present. I am currently stage managing Almost, Maine and Isabella is my stage manager’s apprentice!!! And boy oh boy, it has been so cool (and with tech week coming up, it is about to get even better) teaching someone how to stage manage.

Because sometimes, I’ll go to do something stage manager related, and then Isabella has ALREADY done it!! Besides that, Isabella is also the lighting designer for this show, commanding an entire team of lighting minions and designing a new rep plot and all the light cues for this show. On top of that, she is a super cool, incredibly kind person. So, when I say that Isabella amazes me with all the incredible things she does, that is a gross understatement. I am SO excited to have Isabella as my stage manager for Cinderella (the spring musical!!! Come check it out!!!). Also, Isabella has already started hauling around two scripts everywhere (and also sometimes a three hole puncher) so she is beyond ready to start stage managing.

Lastly, I also want to give the biggest shout out ever to the sickest, most incredible stage management team in the universe. Isabella, of course, is already crushing everything from blocking notes to rehearsal reports. But I also have two ASMs, Evie and Cove, who are just as cool. Cove has been my ASM for as long as I’ve been a stage manager, and is also taking on the role of the props designer. Evie is our newest ASM, and has learned how to be on book, how to take blocking notes, and more. Because there’s so much that goes on in rehearsals, I’ve thrown Evie and Isabella into the work of a full blown stage manager, and they’re killing it every single time. Cove has been juggling sports, ASM duties, and occasionally helping the scenic team when they need it, and has done so much for this show getting us organized with rehearsal props, rehearsal set pieces, and our actual props and sets.

Although many non-theatre people don’t know what a stage manager does, I think it is one of the coolest jobs in theatre. We get to fit together all the puzzle pieces of this show and make it into a complete picture. My biggest thank yous to Isabella, Evie, and Cove for being so good at your jobs and such wonderful people. Isabella, you are gonna be (and already are!) an incredible stage manager.



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