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Slay or Nay? by Olivine Nielsen

 Hey friends! My name is Olivine Nielsen and I have an ensemble part in Nathan Hale’s production of Cinderella. The first time I watched Cinderella I was probably 6 or so, and so excited to see another princess story play out on my screen. One thing that stuck with me was the costumes all the characters wear in the movie.  

I always loved playing dress up as a little girl, and my absolute favorite things were the big princess dresses with giant skirts. So, Cinderella's blue dress was just about my favorite thing from the movie (other than the mice, of course).  

When I looked into it more, I learned that the clothes Cinderella and the stepfamily wear are loosely based off of mid-to-late 1800’s fashion. Disclaimer- I do not know much about 19th century/ Victorian fashion, but I am a huge enthusiast. Some of the styles prominent in this time frame and also in the movie include v-pointed waists (which we can see in Cindy’s dress), hefty bustles (in Anastasia and Drizella’s fits), and high necks (highlighted in Lady Tremaine’s fabulous attire).  

So that is part of where my love for big dresses came from. If you guys want to see some more fabulous dresses, y’all should come see Nathan Hale’s production of Cinderella! Thanks for reading and I hope to see your lovely faces at our show! 

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