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Ripped Goldfish By Julia Wilson

2023 March 16th 4:00pm. I’m a 14 year-old at Nathan Hale high-school, this is my story. Rehearsal had just started and everyone was warming up to the song "Sax" doing jumping Jack’s and planks. It was only after this warm-up that I realized my mistake, I had been hungry ever since the start of rehearsal but I didn’t get a chance to eat before it started. I then heard the deadly words “lay down” and looked around see everyone lay down for even more ab workouts. Now earlier the plank had been hard for me on my empty stomach but now with even more ab workouts I didn’t know if I’d make it, the only logical step was to run so that’s what I did. Taking off from the stage and towards the door until I made a sharp turn jumping over backpacks and chairs till I reached my backpack reaching in and pulling out goldfish, I gobbled some down before I ran back to the stage a little more satisfied than before.

The moral of the story, come see "Hello Dolly!" Because we’re working really hard to make a good show and join theater if you want to stay buff.

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