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President Shelby Grant - "people keep saluting whenever they see me??? NOT CLICKBAIT"

Hey folks! I’m Shelby and I’m the president of the Nathan Hale theater department! This is my third year as a theater officer and my second year as president. I’m really grateful for all of the experiences I have had as an officer in this program and I’m super excited to be able to talk all about it.

As the president I have a lot of different responsibilities but I would say that it can almost all be reduced to two things: being organized and being a friend. I have to plan and lead meetings, keep track of upcoming events, and coordinate the tasks of all of the officers. I also get the pleasure of helping to lead drama club and I get to do quite a bit of public speaking. Along with all of that, I have to make myself a resource for not only those participating in our program but the other officers as well. If anyone is having any problems or needs someone to talk to, I'm there.

One of my favorite things about being an officer is getting to be involved with our theater community in a really interesting and unique way. I get to see the other side of all the things that make the Nathan Hale theater program what it is. I find a lot of joy in getting to create experiences for the people in our theater program that I know they’ll love. It’s hard work but it’s immensely satisfying to witness things that we as officers have put together come to fruition.

It’s impossible to choose a single favorite moment from my time as an officer. Over the years I’ve gotten to work with a lot of different people and had so many different experiences. Each group of officers has made their year completely their own and I am looking forward to seeing what future officers do. Being an officer is one of the best ways to be involved in the theater program. Apply to be an officer and have fun!



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