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Oh Woe Is Me, I Hate Inventory by Sivan Shavit

Anyone who has ever seen the Nathan Hale Theater costume closet knows that it's basically a disaster zone. There's just so many costume pieces that it's nearly impossible to keep organized. Last year during Hello, Dolly!, one of the amazing parents cleaned up and organized the entire closet, and it was incredible. We could actually see the floor! Unfortunately, after strike and the One Acts, the costume closet was back to a state of mild chaos. It's not as bad as it used to be though! Now we (the costume team) are doing a complete inventory of the costumes. It's going to be a year-long project, I can tell. We've finished one and a half racks out of about 10, and I am already sick of inventory. It's just very tedious. But it's not all dull and mindless! The other day I was going through coats, and checking the tags for the maker. If you don't know, coats and jackets often have a tag on the inside, on or in a pocket. I opened a jacket to check, and I noticed a lump in the inside pocket. It was a prop bottle of brandy! Who knows how long that's been there, because it wasn't used since I've been at Hale. That was a highlight of the work party.There's also the neon green knee-high boots, and the mink scarf, and the hideous stained burlap sack pretending to be a dress. Soall in all, inventory can be very funny, even if most of the time it's boring. And we need to do it at some point, or else we'll never know what's hiding in the depths of the costume closet. Anyway, if you want to see some of the costumes we pulled out of the morass, come see our fall play, Almost, Maine!

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