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Oh- to be Pip in Pippin by Glen Bankson

You probably thinking that I’m feeling clever about my title, and I am- but the truth is that everybody involved with our (hopefully) magical show is a Pip-in Pippin.

I’m Glen, a fresh freshman here at Hale who hails from the middle school across the street, JAMS. I’m playing a player who plays many different roles in our delightful play, Pippin. So far, it has been almost nothing but joy. Truth be told- this is my first experience acting on stage for an ACTUAL production and it has been nothing short of fulfilling. Everybody here is cool. Really cool. I’m even making friends and managing to remember people’s names, which is, by all means, extraordinary and great.

But my third favorite thing about being involved, is that it gives me an excuse to stock up on snacks at school, take the bus during the night, wear cool shoes, and be a maniac- and it’s all great fun, and I am absolutely going to do this again. What more could one possibly want besides sleep and butter?

There is unfortunately one major problem; when it’s cold out, and I’m waiting for the bus at 7:14 PM and my hands feel brittle and susceptible to pain, and I’m listening to a great song (like one from Pippin) and I feel the need to snap my fingers to it, but the cold and the poor heat-retention of my long, boney fingers which makes my hands feel brittle causes at the very least- a degree of pain whenever I snap. But in the end, it’s absolutely worth the satisfaction of snapping to ‘In Just no Time at All.” After all, it is a great song- just like our production will be.

And by the way- I love my cat.

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